Big Horn County School District #4

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Superintendent's Message


Welcome to Big Horn County School District #4, and thank you for visiting our website.  As the 2016-17 school year came to a close in May, we celebrated the last 8th grade graduation in Manderson, and the subsequent closure of Cloud Peak Middle School (CPMS). Closing CPMS marks a major change in the district, and CPMS students have been integrated into LIE (now grades K-5), and Riverside Middle/High School (now grades 6-12).


This is a time of exciting change in our district with new construction on the horizon. We are currently planning to move into new buildings in the fall of 2019.  Our high school schedule has changed from 7 to 8 periods each day--enabling students to bolster their high school experience with additional electives.


Teachers and administrators are doing some remarkable and innovative work with students in our schools, and achievement continues to be on the rise. Our 2016-17 ACT scores were impressive, and the BHCSD#4 ACT Reading scores were number 1 of all Wyoming high schools.


At the same time, we are committed to ongoing improvement.  The school board and administrators will be leading an effort to update our District’s Strategic Plan in 2017-18.  The process will involve training, receiving stakeholder input, planning, and articulating our district vision, with resulting initiatives and strategies aimed at further improving the school experience for our students.


BHCSD#4 is unique in our well trained, caring staff with small class sizes: a ratio of 10 students per teacher in our 6-12 classes, and 16 students per teacher in our K-5 rooms. Besides certified teachers we have administrators, para educators, a nurse, SRO, and secretaries who all positively impact the lives/education of our students and further reduce the student to adult ratio.


Each new school year brings a level of excitement and energy that is contagious.  Please call me or an administrator if you would like a tour of our facilities. Please check our website for upcoming events and plan to participate in a couple more this year than last. The opportunities and challenges that lie ahead will result in what we hope will be the best year ever for your student/s.


Best regards,

Dave Kerby