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Life-long learning through attitude, academics, and accountability
2017/2018 Board Meeting Minutes » March 13, 2018

March 13, 2018



Riverside High School

March 13, 2018


  • Opening of Meeting

1.1       Pledge of Allegiance:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice Chairman Greg Gloy.   Vice Chairman Gloy then led all assembled in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2       Roll Call:  Board members present were:  Greg Gloy, Deb Craft, Brenton Paxton, Kristen Schlattmann, Heath Hopkin and Chris Kampbell.  Also present were Superintendent Dave Kerby; RHS Principal Tony Anson, Laura Irwin Elementary Principal Tracy Pare, Business Manager Andreau DeGraw and Board Recording Secretary Janelle Craft.  Chairwoman Audra Crouse arrived at 7:06 p.m.


  • Recognition of Guests: N/A


3.0       Patron Audience: 

Laura Godfrey, LIE PTO President said the board had already received her letter regarding behaviors and disciplinary action.  She came tonight to learn more about our school. 


Niki Alexander, parent, also had written a letter to the board.  She asked all parents, grandparents and concerned community members to stand to show their support for recommendations made to the board by concerned fourth grade parents regarding instruction in the classroom.  She spoke to the academics and accountability in the vision statement and ask that the board would uphold the statement that we say every day in the morning.


4.0       Staff/Student Presentations: 

4.1 Student Council Representative – Taylor Clutter

4.2 Greg Noel – Safety Report

4.3 Tom Farrens – Building Report

4.4 Principal’s Report

       4.4.1 Tony Anson

       4.4.2 Tracy Pare

4.5 Special Education Director Report:  Brian Kaumo

4.6 Business Manager Report:  Andrew DeGraw

4.7 Superintendent’s Report – Dave Kerby

4.8 Committee Reports

       4.8.1 BOCES – Greg Gloy

       4.8.2 Recreation Board-Brenton Paxton:  Alan Landis addressed the board about forming a   committee to help better our student athletes by providing fundamentals and camps.     Asking for the boards support to use the facilities and looking for volunteers to serve    on committee.  Trustee Chris Kampbell volunteered to serve on the committee.  First      meeting will be held April 3.


5.0       Modification and Adoption of Agenda:   Chairwoman Audra Crouse asked that 7.3.1 Resignation of Kevin Ruff, Special Education Teacher be added to the agenda.  Deb Craft moved to accept the agenda as amended.  Chris Kampbell seconded, motion passed.


 6.0      Consent Agenda:  Heath Hopkin moved the Board approve the minutes of February 13, 2018 regular board meeting; executive session minutes of February 13, 2018.  Approve March 13, 2018 expenditures, the Financial Officer Reports of March 13, 2018 and Home School applications.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed.


7.0       Items for Consideration and Action:

            7.1 Executive Session – Personnel:  Brenton Paxton moved to go into Executive Session at 8:02 p.m.  Greg Gloy seconded, motion passed.


            Deb Craft moved to come out of Executive Session at 10:34 p.m.  Heath Hopkin seconded motion passed.  No action was taken.

            7.2 Accept resignation of Colter Comstock at the end of the 2017-2018 school year:  Chris Kampbell moved to accept the resignation of Colter Comstock.  Greg Gloy seconded, motion passed.

            7.3 Accept the resignation of Vicki Collingwood as of March 30, 2018:  Heath Hopkin moved to accept the resignation of Vicki Collingwood.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.

            7.3.1 Accept the resignation of Kevin Ruff:  Brenton Paxton moved to accept the resignation of Kevin Ruff.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed.

            7.4 Accept retirement of Annie Crouse as of April 13, 2018:  Heath Hopkin moved to accept the retirement of Annie Crouse.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed, with Greg Gloy abstaining from the vote.

            7.5 Act on Certified Teacher Recommendations:  Heath Hopkin moved to accept the renewal of certified staff as recommended by Superintendent Kerby.  Greg Gloy seconded, motion passed.

            7.6 Board Policy 8.23 Homeless Policy-Review and action:  Brenton Paxton moved to accept as 1st reading.  Greg Gloy seconded, after further discussion Brenton Paxton amended his motion to table the policy until next month.  Chris Kampbell seconded, motion passed.

            7.7 Board Policy 5.18 Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring-Review and Action:  policy was tabled till next month.

            7.8 Strategic Plan Development (utilize WSBA personnel or move forward on our own):  tabled until next month.


8.0       Board Discussion Items:

            Chairwoman Audra Crouse asked for volunteers to help plan the ground breaking ceremony for   the new schools.


9.0       Adjournment:  There being no further business Brenton Paxton moved to adjourn at 11:00 p.m.    Deb Craft seconded, motion passed.



                                                                        Kristen Schlattmann, Board Clerk



                                                                        Audra Crouse, Board Chairwoman