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2017/2018 Board Meeting Minutes » August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting

District Four Board of Trustees

Administration Office

Basin, Wyoming

August 9, 2016


1.0       Opening of Meeting:  This meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Greg Gloy at 7:00 pm.

1.1       The pledge of allegiance was led by Vice Chairman Greg Gloy.

1.2       Roll Call:  Board members present were:  Greg Gloy, Deb Craft, Kristen Schlattmann, Brenton Paxton, Heath Hopkin and Chris Kampbell.  Also present  was                         Superintendent Dave Kerby, Business Manager Andreau DeGraw and Board Recording Secretary Janelle Craft.  Riverside Middle/High School Principal Tony                       Anson and Laura Irwin Elementary Principal Tracy Pare were also present.


2.0       Recognition of Guests: 

            2.1       Laura Godfrey thank the board for their tough decisions they have had to make in the last year and thanked Superintendent Kerby and Principal Tony Anson for the              extra duties they took on last year with the Elementary School.


3.0       Patron Audience: 

            3.1       Tom Farrens talked about new building project and updated the board.


4.0       Staff/Student Presentation

            4.1       Business Manager’s Report:  Andreau DeGraw

            4.2       Superintendent’s Report:  Superintendent Dave Kerby

            4.3       Committee Reports:

                        4.3.1    BOCES-Greg Gloy

                        4.3.2    Recreation Board-Brenton Paxton


5.0      Modification and Adoption of Agenda:  Vice Chairman Greg Gloy asked that 7.6 Executive Session be moved to 7.2.1 and add 8.4 Riverside Middle/High School eligibility code, 8.5 Coaches Code of Conduct and 8.6 School Funding letter.  Heath Hopkin made a motion to accept the agenda as modified.  Chris Kampbell seconded, motion passed.


6.0      Consent Agenda:  Brenton Paxton moved to accept the minutes of July 11, 2017, executive session minutes of July 11, 2017, the minutes of special meeting August 1, 2017, the August 8, 2017 expenditures and the Financial Officers report of August 8, 2017.


7.0       Items for Action and Consideration:

            7.1       5th Grade Participation:  Superintendent Kerby recommends that the district includes 5th graders in middle school sports.  5th graders cannot expect to play in                                 game unless the numbers are low and they are needed to fill positions, but will practice every day with the team.  Deb Craft moved to allow 5th graders to                                         participate in middle school sports.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, Brenton Paxton asked if a 3rd coach would be hired if the numbers?  Motion carries 5 to                                     1 with Chris Kampbell voting no because the majority of the other school districts who allow their 5th graders to participate in middle school sports are a K-12                                   school.


            7.2       Amend Board Policy 4.19 Rental of Teacherages:  Brenton Paxton moved to accept the policy as presented with the amendment of the teacherage at 109 South                             8th to be changed from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom.  Rent will stay the same because appliances are included.  Deb Craft seconded, motion passed.


            7.2.1    Executive Session:  Brenton Paxton moved to go into executive session at 8:26 p.m. Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed. Personnel

                        Brenton Paxton moved to come out of executive session at 9:29 p.m.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed.


            7.3       Renewal:  Ashley Chenoweth/LIE Special Education Teacher:  Deb Craft moved to renew Ashley Chenoweth as an LIE Special Education Teacher.  Heath                                       Hopkin seconded, motion passed.


            7.4       Renewal:  Annie Crouse:  Chris Kampbell moved to renew Annie Crouse as a Custodian.  Heath Hopkin seconded, motion passed with Greg Gloy abstaining                                   from the vote.


            7.5       Resignation:  Virgie Mattis:  Chris Kampbell moved to accept the resignation of  Virgie   Mattis.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.


            7.6       New Hires:  Ashley Chenoweth/RHS Assistant Volleyball Coach and CJ Duncan/RHS Assistant Boys Basketball Coach.  Deb Craft moved to hire Ashley                                         Chenoweth as the RHS Assistant Volleyball Coach.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed 4 to 2, with Chris Kampbell and Brenton Paxton voting                                       no. Kristen Schlattmann moved to hire CJ Duncan as the RHS Assistant Boys Basketball Coach. Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.


8.0       Discussion Items: 

            8.1       2017 WSBA Fall Regional Meeting (Worland MS) 8-24, 6:00-8:00 pm

            8.2       Staff Barbecue 8-17, 6:00 pm Fairgrounds

            8.3       Sick Leave Incentive and Amended Board Policy 5.14 Professional Staff Leave and Absences.

            8.4       Riverside Middle/High School eligibility code:  Combined handbooks to get one set of rules for both middle/high school.

            8.5       Coaches Code of Conduct

            8.6       School Funding Letter


9.0       Adjournment @ 10:17 pm





                                                                                    Board Chairman




                                                                                    Board Clerk