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Life-long learning through attitude, academics, and accountability
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Notice of Non-Discrimination


The Big Horn County School District #4 Board of Trustees, Basin, WY adheres to a policy on non-discrimination in educational programs/activities and employment, and strives affirmatively to provide equal opportunity for all as required by:


TITLE VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin.


TITLE VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin.


AGE DISCRIMINATION ACT OF 1967 as amended prohibits discrimination on the basis of age


SECTION 504 OF THE REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973 prohibits discrimination against the handicapped.


INQUIRIES related to non-discrimination policies should be directed to Mr. David Kerby, BHCSD#4 Superintendent, P.O. Box 151, Basin, WY  82410. Phone number 307-568-2684


TITLE IX OF THE EDUCATION AMENDMENT OF 1973 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.


INQUIRIES related to District 504 policies should be directed to Mrs. Teri Stidolph, BHCSD#4 School Nurse, P.O. Box 151, Basin, WY  82410. Phone number 307-568-2488


School Accreditation


Riverside Middle & Riverside High School have been accredited by the Wyoming State Department of Education and the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This certification means that these schools have met and must maintain strict standards pertaining to the curriculum, teacher preparation, physical facilities, and educational equipment.



Big Horn County School District #4 Mission & Vision Statement


Vision Statement

Life-long learning through attitude, academics, and accountability.


Mission Statement

Big Horn County School District #4 respects the uniqueness of each individual within a caring and trusting learning environment.  The district will challenge each individual student to achieve academic success and charge each with the responsibility of meeting the high expectations of our changing world.


Riverside Middle/High School Vision & Mission Statement


Vision Statement

Preparing students to succeed in a challenging world.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip students for life-long learning through academics, accountability and attitude.


The Golden Rule
At Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School, students, teacher, parents, support staff and administration subscribe to and practice this basic concept of civilization:  “We will treat others as we would like to be treated.“

High Expectations
We know: “All students can learn.” We expect each student to succeed in his or her learning at Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School.  Achievement in this school will prepare each student for a successful and productive life. 


  1. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: You are in control of your life! Assume responsibility for your choices.  You have opportunities to prepare for a successful and productive life.  Think positively about yourself and others.


  1. ENVISION THE FUTURE: Where do you want to be in five years? What do you want to be doing? You can prepare for something you can envision, college, technical school, or a specific job. If you can only see yourself as an adolescent, it is hard to prepare to be an adult.


  1. WILLINGNESS TO WORK: Hard work will move mountains. Valuable accomplishments are achieved through EFFORT and TOIL, not by accident.




Riverside Middle/High School Class Period Schedules


Full Day Schedule (Monday – Thursday)


Period 1                        8:00 – 8:47
Period 2                        8:51 – 9:38
Period 3                        9:42 – 10:29
Period 4                        10:33 – 11:20

 Guided Reading (6th –8th grade)             11:24 – 11:43
 Lunch (6th – 8th grade)                           11:43 – 12:13
 Period 5 (6th – 8th grade)                       12:17 – 1:04

Period 5 (9th-12th grade)             11:24 – 12:11

Lunch (9th – 12th grade)              12:11 – 12:41
Guided Reading (9th-12th grade) 12:44 – 1:04

Period 6                        1:07 – 1:54
Period 7                        1:58 – 2:45
Period 8                        2:49 – 3:36


Buses run at 3:45

Friday Schedule


Schedule A:                                                                 Schedule B:
Period 1                        8:00 – 8:50                                Period 5                        8:00 – 8:50
Period 2                        8:54 – 9:44                                Period 6                        8:54 – 9:44
Guided Reading            9:48 – 10:18                              Guided Reading            9:48 – 10:18
Period 3                        10:22 – 11:12                            Period 7                        10:22 – 11:12
Period 4                        11:16 – 12:06                            Period 8                        11:16 – 12:06
Lunch (MS/HS)             12:06 – 12:35                            Lunch (MS/HS)              12:06 – 12:35


Buses run at 12:40                                                        Buses run at 12:40


Graduation Requirements & Grading



4 Credits English

3 Credits Math: (1 must be Algebra 1 or higher)

3 Credits Science: (Physical Science, General Biology, 1 elective credit)

3 Credits Social Studies: US History (1.5 credits), American History (.5 Credit), American Government (.5 credit), 1 elective credit)

1 Credit Physical Education

½ Credit Health

½ Credit Computer Applications

15 required credits


24 credits currently 2018 grads

25 credits 2019 grads

26 credits 2020 grads

27 credits 2021 grads (and into the future)


Transfers who move in and attend RHS

1 year of RHS               24 credits

2 years of RHS              25 credits

3 years of RHS              26 credits        



Grade 9

  1.        English (1 credit)
  2.        Math (1 credit)
  3.        Physical Science (1 credit)
  4.        Physical Education (1 credit)
  5.        Health (1/2 credit)
  6.         Electives 2.0 credits

Grade 10

  1.       English II (1 credit)
  2.       Math (1 credit)
  3.       Biology (1 credit)
  4.       US History I & II (1 credit)
  5.       Physical Education (1 semester) .5 credit
  6.       Health (1 semester) .5 credit
  7.       Electives ~ 2 credits

Grade 11

  1.       English III (1 credit)
  2.       US History III .5 credit & US Gov.  (.5 credit)
  3.       Health II (1 Semester) .5 credit
  4.       Math (1 full year) 1 credit
  5.      Electives (3.5 courses)

Grade 12

  1.       English IV (1 full year) 1 credit
  2.       Electives 2 credits

If a student is planning to attend college, he/she should enroll in 2 years of either fine arts, career and technical education, or 2 years foreign language (sequenced) (9-12 grade only)    



Correspondence credits, which are approved by the principal and are earned through an accredited school, will be counted toward graduation.



Each class at Riverside High School is composed of students who have earned the required number of semester credits. Grade classification is determined at the beginning of the school year.

Students beginning their fourth year of high school and have earned a minimum of 18 credits will be considered as seniors and as candidates for graduation. This allows these students to be involved in all senior activities. These activities are to include, but not limited to, the ordering of graduation announcements and participation in senior activities.  Listed below are the four classifications and credits needed for each class

Freshman                                              00.00                -           06.75

Sophomore                                           07.00                -           12.75

Junior                                                   13.00                -           18.75

Senior                                                   19.00                -           25.00


Straight A                     All As

A                                  No grade below a B and no more than two Bs

B                                  No more than one C and the rest As and Bs



The scholastic year is divided into two semesters.  A letter system of grading is used.  The grade for each semester is based on class work, daily assignments, quizzes, tests and examinations.


The following standards are considered in assigning letter grades:

Grade                           Standard

A                                  Superior effort, originality and /or performance

B                                  Consistently above average performance

C                                  Satisfactory fulfillment of class requirements

D                                  Unsatisfactory fulfillment of class requirements

F                                  Failure to meet minimum standards

Letter                            Percent             Four Scale

A                                  93-100                          4.00

A-                                 90-92                            3.67

B+                                87-89                            3.33

B                                  83-86                            3.00

B-                                 80-82                            2.67

C+                                77-79                            2.33

C                                  73-76                            2.00     

C-                                 70-72                            1.67

D+                                67-69                            1.33     

D                                  63-66                            1.00     

D-                                 60-62                            0.67

F                                  0.0-59                           0.00




Any semester grade issued as an incomplete (I) will automatically be changed to an F grade on the 11th scheduled school day of the new semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to finish all necessary work within this time period.

Any incomplete grades in the final semester must be made up as soon as possible.  Final grades for that academic year are official on the last day of school.



Academic class rank is determined by a student’s earned grade point average.  Grade point average (GPA) is a numerical score translated from the letter grade earned during grades 9 through 12.

GPA is calculated using the following formula:  GPA points earned divided by the units (credits) attempted.

A student’s final GPA and class rank will be determined by the completion of his/her eight semesters’ work. This is the last semester of the senior year.



The graduating student of each class with the highest GPA at the end of the 8th semester shall be designated as the Valedictorian.

The graduating student with the second highest GPA at the end of the 8th semester shall be designated as the Salutatorian.

Graduating seniors must be in attendance at Riverside High School for their last two semesters to be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian.



In order to be invited to join the National Honor Society, a student at Riverside High School must meet the following criteria as mandated by the National Constitution or the local chapter by-laws.

  1.       Is a member of the Junior or Senior class
  2.       Has attended RHS for at least one semester
  3.       Has maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA based on grades averaged on a semester basis and has a 2.5 in the areas of character, service and leadership
  4.       A student who meets the above criteria will be considered for membership, but it should be stressed that the qualities of leadership, service, and character must also be considered during the selection process. This is mandated by the national organization.
  5.       A student who meets the first three criteria will be rated by the faculty on leadership, service and character on a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being the highest). The sponsor shall supply this information (confidentially) to the five members of the faculty council for consideration.  The faculty council shall determine by a majority vote, based on faculty input and other pertinent information, who will be invited to join the society.


Hathaway Scholarship Requirements



GPA 2.5, ACT 17 (or score a 12 on WorkKeys)

Content Area

Math:                                        Current HS graduation requirements; at least 2 of these courses:  Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

Language Arts                          Current HS graduation requirements

Science                                    Current HS graduation requirements

Social Studies                           Current HS graduation requirements

Foreign Language                     2 years of either fine arts, career and technical education, or 2 years foreign language (sequenced) (9-12 grade only)


GPA 2.5, ACT 19

Content Area

Math:                                        Four years of math to include Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, plus an approved additional math course to be taken in grades 9 through 12

Language Arts                          Four years of Language Arts at the college or industry preparatory level in grades 9 through 12, to include reading, writing, listening and speaking

Science                                    Four science courses taken in grades 9 through 12, three of which shall satisfy HS graduation requirements.

Social Studies                           Three years of Social Studies taken in grades 9 through 12 to include a combination of World History, American History, American Government, Economic System & Institutions

Foreign Language                     2 years of either fine arts, career and technical education, or 2 years foreign language (sequenced) (9-12 grade only)  


HONORS ($1680/SEMESTER), GPA 3.5, ACT 25

Content Area

Math                                         Four years of math to include Algebra I, Algebra II & Geometry, plus an approved additional math course to be taken in grades 9 through 12.

Language Arts                          Four years of Language Arts at the college or industry preparatory level in grades 9 through 12 to include: reading, writing, listening, speaking


Science                                    Four science courses taken in grades 9 through 12 to include at least three of the following: Physical Science, Biology I, Biology II, Physics I, Physics II, Geology I, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Computer Science I plus an approved additional science course

Social Studies                           Three years of social studies taken in grades 9 through 12 to include a combination of World History, American History, Geography, American Government, Economic Systems & Institutions

Foreign Language                     Two sequenced years of the same foreign language, one of which must be taken in grades 9 through 12.



In addition to all other Hathaway courses, including two sequenced years of a foreign language, students must also take two years from one subject area listed below:

  • two additional years of ANY foreign language taken in grades 9-12 (additional years of foreign language do not need to be sequenced) OR
  • two years of fine and performing arts grades 9-12 OR
  • two years of career-vocational education grades 9-12




To replace the current foreign language proficiency requirement and in additional to all other Hathaway courses, students must also take two years from one subject area listed below:

  • two sequenced years of a foreign language, one of which shall be taken in grades 9 thru 12 OR
  • two years of fine and performing arts grades 9-12 OR
  • two years of career-vocational education grades 9-12


2018 Senior - no change in determining local Valedictorian/Salutatorian consideration or class rank

2019 Junior - no change in determining local Valedictorian/Salutatorian consideration or class rank

2020 Sophomore – Institute the Hathaway 5-point scale for Valedictorian/Salutatorian consideration

2021 Freshman – Hathaway 5-point scale for Valedictorian/Salutatorian consideration
2022 8th Grade – Hathaway 5-point scale for Valedictorian/Salutatorian consideration


Class Schedule Changes


Students will have three school days at the beginning of each semester to change their class schedules.  All changes must be made through the counseling office by getting a drop/add slip and having it signed by the teacher whose class you wish to drop and the teacher whose class you wish to add.  Drop/add slips must also be signed by a parent/guardian. Drop/add slips must be returned to the counselor after all signatures are completed.


Guidance Services


Guidance services are available for every student in school. These services include assistance with educational planning, interpretation of the test scores, occupational and career planning, study help, help with home, school and/or social concerns or any questions or problems the student may wish to discuss with the counselor.


Library Services


Students are encouraged to use the library and to borrow books as long as they abide by the following library rules:


Hours: The library will be open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM each school day.


Checkout Procedures: Books may be checked out for two weeks and renewed for two additional weeks. Longer loan periods may be granted by the librarian, depending on the materials and demand for them. A maximum of two books may be checked out at one time. Additional titles may be checked out with approval of the librarian. Reference books, encyclopedias, and current issues of magazines may be borrowed for one period at a time or overnight.  For overnight, they may be checked out only at the end of the day and must be returned before 8:15 AM the following morning.  Only teachers may check out video and audio/visual materials. All A-V materials and equipment must be signed out at the desk.


Overdue Fees:  Anyone who has overdue fees will have no library privileges until the over dues have been cleared.  This means that the student will not be able to check out any library materials until the over dues have been returned or paid for. Report cards will be withheld until the over dues have been resolved. Students responsible for lost or damaged materials will be charged the amount of replacing the materials. If lost materials have been paid for and are later returned to the library during the same school year, a refund will be made.


Library Passes:  Students are required to have signed passes to enter the library.  Students must get a signed pass from his/her teacher prior to going to the library.  The student should give the pass to the librarian to sign.  Students in the library without teacher/librarian permission will be sent back to class.


Rebel Incentive Program


Black Rebel Criteria

  1. Attaining or maintaining a GPA of 3.25 or raising the last semester GPA by.25 and no Ds or Fs on the report card.
  2. 4 or fewer absences (incorporating the tardy policy) per class during the semester, 4 or fewer tardies
  3. No disciplinary referrals

Red Rebel Criteria

  1. GPA of 2.75 or raised by .15 with no Fs on semester report card
  2. 4 or fewer absences and 4 or fewer tardies per class during the semester
  3. No disciplinary referrals

Privileges of the Black Rebel: A movie party or other comparable event.

Privileges of the Red Rebel: A movie party or other comparable event.


Student Responsibilities


Education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge. Education, in a larger sense, includes learning to cooperate with others, developing personality and character, respecting the rights and opinion of others, respecting property, respecting law and order, and using intelligently facts acquired.


Each student is responsible for the following areas if she/he is to receive an education in Big Horn County School District #4:

  1.       Do the required work and put forth a reasonable effort in each assignment.
  2.       Bring appropriate equipment and material.
  3.       Be responsible for his/her own schoolwork.
  4.       Attend school and classes punctually and regularly.
  5.       Respect the rights of fellow students to be free from physical and/or verbal abuse or intimidation.
  6.       Respect the rights of fellow students to receive an education free from disruption.
  7.       Abide by the rules and regulations governing conduct established by the law, the Board of Education, the administration and the teaching staff.

Students who refuse to accept these responsibilities will be subject to action, which may lead to the denial of the opportunity for an education in Big Horn County School District #4.


Textbooks and Library Books


Students are reminded they are responsible for their textbooks and library books, which they checkout.  The books are the property of Big Horn County School District #4 and must be accounted for by the end of the year. Students should always check their textbooks when issued and report any damage to the teacher to avoid being fined for book damage upon return. Students will be charged the replacement cost for books lost, stolen or missing that were issued by the school.


Student Attendance Policy


The Board of Education and the Administration of Big Horn County School District #4 in recognizing the importance of education, and that regular attendance is critical to successful completion of a student’s education experience, hereby set forth the following policy.

Students attending the schools of Big Horn County School District #4 will be allowed a total of eight absences from school per semester, accumulative in all listed categories of absence.

  1.      Medical Absences
  2.       Non-Medical Absences
  3.       Truancies
  4.       Tardies

This policy should not be interpreted as encouraging eight days of missed school, and caution in using these eight days wisely is recommended.



Medical absences are those which are the result of personal illness, and are determined as medical only when verified by a written statement from a doctor, or other state certified or licensed healthcare professional.  Absences due to illness without a written statement from a licensed medical official will count on a day for day basis against the eight allowable absences.


Non-Medical Parental Permission

Absences with parental permission and verification are absences which occur with parent/guardian knowledge and permission.  These absences require a written note from a parent/guardian stating reasons for the absences. These absences also count on a day for day basis against the 8 allowable absences per semester. 



Absences which occur when attending school sanctioned/sponsored activities as a member of the team or group representing Big Horn County School District No. 4 will not count against the eight sanctioned absences per semester.


The following exceptions will not count toward the eight allowable absences:     Written statements from a doctor (see medical section)

  1.        Serious illness or death in immediate family
  2.        School related activities
  3.        Acts of God



Students who accumulate more than eight days of absences in one semester or more than eight absences from a class in one semester will receive zeroes and no credit for all classes so affected.  See building appeal and review process below.


Attendance is indicated on all school report cards which are distributed each school quarter, and should be monitored by all concerned at that time.  In addition, parents/guardians will be notified by regular mail when five absences have occurred.   Parents/Guardians will be notified by certified mail when seven absences have occurred, and a conference with the school administration will be required at that time.   Parents/Guardians will again be notified by certified mail when more than eight days of absence have occurred, and credit is forfeited for the specific class or classes so affected for that semester.   Parents/Guardians may request a hearing on this decision.

Building Appeal & Review Committee

If a student fails to earn credit as a result of more than eight days absence not excluded under the exceptions may appeal the loss of credit to this committee.  The student will be expected to submit an application for appeal within the time frame allowed when he or she receives official notification of failure to earn credit.  The guidance office will provide forms and guidelines for submitting the appeal.


College Visits

Seniors & Juniors will be allowed an additional three days for college visits. This is an additional three days for both years combined, not three additional days per year.  These must be pre-arranged with the counselor prior to going and the student must bring evidence of having completed a formal visit from the college. Juniors will also need to submit documentation in advance that they have been invited to visit or have an appointment with a particular school official.


Truancy is absence from an assigned class without authority. Absences not verified in writing by parent/guardian as having been absent with their knowledge and permission are considered as truancies. These absences will count as one absence against the eight allowed per semester. Assignments missed during the truancy can be made up on a ½ percentage basis.


Tardies (being late to class) will count as ¼ absence per occurrence and will be charged against the allowable absences on that basis.  Four tardies will be counted as one absence in that class.  After ten minutes into the class period, the student will be considered absent from that class.


Students at RHS who are assigned in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension due to discipline issues will spend the assigned time at the Big Horn Basin Adolescence Program office. There they will receive tutoring and assistance with homework, study skills, organization and behavior, yet be removed from interacting with their peers for that brief period of time.


Tutoring is offered at RHS Monday through Thursday from 3:40 to 4:15 PM. All students are invited and encouraged to attend. However, students who are currently failing any class are mandated to stay until they raise that grade to passing.  A note from the teacher stating that the grade is passing is required.


Student Consequences for Misbehavior


Moderate Infractions




Students shall not engage in any practice commonly called “hazing” which is defined as physically torturing, tormenting, or abusing a student, or in any way maltreating a student.

As per board policy

Disruptive Behavior

Any behavior that interferes with the school-learning climate.

1st Offense – verbal warning by teacher

2nd Offense – disciplinary referral

3rd Offense – administrative probation contract

Dress Code Violations

1st Offense – verbal warning & change clothes

2nd Offense – parent contact & change clothes

3rd Offense – insubordination

Deliberate, Profane Language

Any use of language, verbal or non-verbal, that shows irreverence or is vulgar.

1st Offense – verbal warning & reported to principal

2nd Offense – one-hour detention


Internet Misusage

According to acceptable use policy














1st Offense – The student will receive a zero for the assignment/test and have a conference with the school counselor; the teacher will telephone the parent/guardian who will also receive a letter from the principal.

2nd Offense Same Class– The student will receive a zero grade for the assignment/test and also one grade lower for the marking period.  The parent/guardian will again be telephoned by the teacher and subsequently receive a letter from the principal.  In addition, the student will meet in a joint conference with the parent/guardian, counselor and principal.  The building principal will determine continued enrollment

2nd Offense Different Class: The student will receive a zero for the assignment/test.  The teacher will telephone the parent/guardian who will also receive a letter from the principal.  In addition, the student will meet in a joint conference with the parent/guardian, counselor, and principal.


Open and/or repeated defiance to authority

1st Offense – one-hour detention

2nd Offense – after-school detention one week

3rd Offense – ISS


Both parties participating in a physical exchange, with intent to harm

1st Offense – one day ISS/Contact authorities

2nd Offense – three days ISS

3rd Offense – Expulsion Recommended

Use or Possession of Tobacco Products & Substitutes

The use of tobacco, alcohol or narcotic drugs is expressly prohibited.  This prohibition includes any time the students are at school, on school property, attending a school-sponsored activity at home or away or aboard a school owned vehicle.















(Tobacco/Drugs/Alcohol, cont.)


Alcohol & Narcotics:  0 Tolerance Policy

1st Offense – Suspension for up to five days, parental conference where students shall sign a form acknowledging the school policy on alcohol & narcotic drugs, recommended counseling, eight week suspension from co-curricular activities* with one week waived for each counseling session attended (up to four weeks), during which time the student may practice but not participate & law enforcement notified

2nd Offense - Student suspended from school recommend for expulsion.   Suspension from activities shall include all school activities, home and away, including commencement.


1st Offense – Suspension from school for up to three days, parental conference where students shall sign a form acknowledging the school policy on tobacco, law enforcement notified if student is under age, and suspension from school activities for four weeks during which time students may practice but not participate in culminating activities.

2nd Offense – Suspension for up to five days, parental conference where students shall sign a form acknowledging the school policy on tobacco, law enforcement notified if student is under age, and suspension from school activities for eight weeks during which time students may practice but not participate in culminating activities.

3rd Offense – Student will be suspended from school & recommended for expulsion.  Suspension from school activities includes all school activities, home and away, including commencement



Deliberate, mischievous, malicious destruction of property

Authorities will be notified

1st Offense – Restitution will be required.  Suspension or Expulsion may be recommended




Taking property that belongs to another student, staff member, or school district will be considered theft

Authorities will be notified.

Restitution will be required and suspension or expulsion may be recommended.

Sexual Harassment

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature including, but not limited to, offenses of sexual flirtation, advances or propositions, continued or repeated verbal abuse of a sexual nature, display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats, or any offensive or abusive physical contact

As per board policy 











School Assemblies


During an assembly, a student's behavior should be refined and courteous.  An indication of the cultural level of the school is the conduct of its student body at an assembly.  Each student is personally responsible for the impression made by the school as a whole.  Unacceptable conduct would include whistling, uncalled-for clapping, boisterousness, and talking during a program.


Riverside Message Center


The Riverside Middle/High School Message Center is provided for the convenience of students.  When a student receives a message or a phone call from a parent or from outside school, notification of that message will be placed on the message center board. It is the student's responsibility to check the Message Center frequently for messages, and it is not the responsibility of the RHS staff to deliver messages to individual students.  Messages from teachers and/or coaches will also be placed on the message center.  Students will not be called out of class for phone calls or be given messages while in class except in the case of an emergency.




Lunch fees should be paid at the high school office. If your lunch balance is negative by $20 or more, the cafeteria will serve you a sandwich instead of the hot meal until the balance is positive. We urge students to use the cafeteria as a place for pleasant relaxation, conversation, and leisurely eating.  In order to create a pleasant cafeteria environment, we require students comply with the following cafeteria rules:

  1.           All food and waste paper will be kept on tray.
  2.           Empty all debris from tray into the waste container.
  3.           Return trays and silverware to the receiving window.
  4.        Keep tables and floor clean.
  5.        Never push or run in the lunchroom.
  6.        All food must be eaten at the tables.
  7.        Talk in a normal voice.
  8.        Do not cut in line.
  9.        Respect cafeteria duty teacher's authority.

Students may lose the privilege of eating in the cafeteria for rule violations.

Please contact the office for the current price of hot lunch and breakfast


Candy and Pop


Students will be allowed the privilege of having candy and pop on the school grounds provided that wrappers and cans are placed in trash receptacles and accidentals spills are cleaned-up.  The following exceptions will apply:

  1. No drinks are allowed in the gymnasium.
  2. No food, candy, or drinks in the classroom unless the instructor has given prior permission.

If students are unable to handle this responsibility the privilege will be revoked.   


PDA (Public Display of Affection)


The school is NOT the proper place for displaying any form of physical contact affection.  Such conduct is generally unbecoming to those involved, is a display of poor manners and respect, and is embarrassing to other students. If students need to be reminded of this often, disciplinary action will be taken. 




All students enrolling in school shall provide proof of immunizations against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, and rubella (three-day or German measles).  Exemptions are allowed for medical or religious reasons only.  Students will be excluded from school if immunization records are not furnished within the thirty-day conditional enrollment period.


Administering Medicine to Students


If the student must have medication during school hours, and the parent requests that school personnel administer the medication, the following procedure will be followed:

  1.        Request for Administration of Medication Form must be completed by the parent/legal guardian and presented to appropriate school personnel prior to the dispensing of any medication.


  1.          Taking medication prescribed by a physician must present the medication in its original container, provided by the pharmacy, to the principal or his/her designee.


  1.         Students taking over the counter medication must present the medication in a clearly labeled container to the Principal or his designee. The label must identify the student's name and the name and the strength of the medication.


  1.            Students must take all medication in the presence of designated school personnel. EXCEPTION:  see #5 below*


  1.           All medication will be stored in a designated area that is to remain locked when not in use. *The student may carry inhalers if the parent/legal guardian has signed the EXCEPTION on the Request for Administration of Medication Form and is on file in the school office.


  1.            It is understood that it will be the student’s responsibility to come to the office to get the medication, and that school personnel are under no obligation to seek out the student should she/he forget.


School Dances


School dances are for the benefit, socialization, and enjoyment of Riverside High School/Cloud Peak Middle School students.  Student Council sponsors most dances.  In order to make dances safe, socially meaningful, and pleasant for students, the following rules are in effect this year:


  1.            No student below the 9th grade is permitted to attend high school dances. No student above 8th grade will be permitted to attend junior high dances. No one 21 or older will be permitted to attend unless he/she is approved as a chaperone.
  2.                A student may not leave the building and be re-admitted to the dance unless she/he has received permission from the sponsor/principal.
  3.             A student will not be admitted more than one hour after scheduled starting time unless permission has been obtained from the principal prior to the start of the dance.
  4.            Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted.
  5.            Disruptive students will be removed from the dance and will be subject to school discipline.
  6.           A student wishing to invite a non-student date to a dance must receive permission from the principal prior to the dance.
  7. All other school rules are in effect during the dance.
  8.       Student must be eligible to attend.
  9.        Offensive: No grinding or vulgar dancing will be permitted.

Periodically, high schools students from Burlington, Greybull, and Lovell may be invited to attend our dances.  However, dance invitations to these schools will be extended through our Student Council and with the principal's approval.


Leaving School During the Day


No student is to leave the school grounds in accordance with school district policy, which specifies only in cases of a) family emergency, b) illness or c) pre-approval with the principal.  Pre-approval must be completed before the school day begins. If a parent or guardian wants to check a student out after the school day begins and the reason is not a family emergency or illness, approval can only be granted by the principal or lead teacher if there are extenuating circumstances. Once a student receives permission to leave school, he must sign the check-out sheet and receive a written pass before leaving the campus. 


Sending students on errands during school hours should be done only on necessary school business and with the principal’s permission.  The student’s parents must have completed a “Release of Liability” form.


Prior to sending a student home for illness, discipline, or a corrective action, the principal shall attempt to reach the student's parent/guardian informing him of the problem and requesting that he comes to school for the student.  If the principal cannot reach the parent, the student shall remain at school until the close of the school day.


Printed Student Materials


Any written material produced, posted, circulated, or otherwise distributed must be approved by the class or organization sponsor, and the principal.


School Sponsored Trips


Transportation will be provided for students participating in out of town school sanctioned activities.  It is recommended that students traveling to an event by school bus return to Basin in the same bus.  However, a parent/guardian may assume responsibility for his/her student's return transportation by signing a "Release of Liability Form" and giving it to the coach or sponsor.  The forms may be picked up in the School Office or from the coach.


Students will not be released to anyone other than their parents/guardians for the return trip unless the building principal has approved provisions.


Student Conduct and Dress: Students are representatives of the school during all school-related activities. They are expected to conduct themselves at all times so as to be a credit to their family, school, and community. For after-school activities, students will be expected to dress appropriately as spelled out in the student handbook and in accordance with the nature of the activity. In addition, students participating in interscholastic activities and/or school-sponsored activities or public appearances may be required to meet more stringent dress and appearance regulations.


Riding the Bus: Students must ride to and from the site of any activity in a district-owned vehicle. When conflicts exist, prior approval may be given by the principal or designee for the student to ride with his/her own parent or legal guardian. Students may be released of a parent or legal guardian after an activity with a written note delivered by the parent to the activity coach or advisor. Students shall not be permitted to transport other students on school-sponsored trips. If boys and girls ride on a bus together, the two genders shall be separated.


Overnight Trips: Students will abide by the coach’s or sponsor’s hotel rules. Electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, video games, laptops, and DVD players may be taken at night and stored by the coach/advisor. If boys are found in girls’ rooms or girls are found in boys’ rooms, they will immediately be sent home. Any student breaking curfew may be sent home. Parents will be responsible to transport students that are sent home. Students may be taken to the nearest law enforcement office to await a parent’s arrival.


Severe Weather School Closing


In case of unfavorable weather conditions that indicate a blizzard and the closing of school is necessary, the superintendent will make the decision to do so.  If this is done prior to 8:00 A.M., parents and students are requested to listen to KWOR (96.5) radio in Worland, KPOW (1260) in Powell, or KZMQ (1140) in Greybull.  If it should become necessary to close school during the school day, the students will be notified what to do by special bulletin, and the radio stations will be called before school is released.


Teachers and Office Assistants


Students may petition to the counselor to serve as a teacher or office assistant.  Students selected as assistants must meet the following criteria:

  1.              Submit written permission from a parent to serve as an assistant.
  2.            Receive permission from the classroom teacher or school secretary.
  3.            Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.
  4.            Be dependable with good attendance during the previous school year.
  5.            Be a junior or senior in school.


The teacher, secretary, counselor, and principal will make the final selections.

Student assistants will be graded "Pass/Fail."  Assistants receiving a Pass grade will receive one-quarter (.25) credit per semester.


Student Visitors


Visitors are welcome at Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School. Students having guests or friends who would like to visit the school must make arrangements with the principal and all teachers involved the day before the visitation. The office will issue a pass to the visitor, which will be presented to the teacher of each class. Visitors are expected to observe all school regulations and will be admitted only for one day. The visitor must be currently enrolled in high school. No student visitors are allowed on the first or last day of school.


Withdrawal from School


A student withdrawing from school should report to the Main Office with a note from his/her parents or guardians giving permission for withdrawal. Books and school equipment must be checked in and fines paid before leaving. A copy of the withdrawal sheet will be issued to the student. A transcript of credits earned and other information will be sent directly to the new school upon its request.


Dress Code


Student shall not dress or groom themselves in a manner, which causes a disruption of the orderly operations of the school. Furthermore, it is expected that RHS students will do the following:

  1.         Wear appropriate undergarments at all times. Undergarments are to remain unexposed.
  2.         Wear shoes at all time.
  3.         Meet appropriate standards for cleanliness.
  4.        Wear shorts and skirts that are adequate length and coverage to be considered appropriate for school. Shorts or skirts should be long enough to extend beyond a student’s fingertips when a student’s arm is held down to the side of the legs.
  5.         Wear pants and shorts fastened and worn at the waist.
  6.        No coats or backpacks in the classrooms.
  7.      Leggings and tights are not considered pants. Skirts, dresses, and shirts worn with leggings must be longer than fingertip length.

It is also expected that Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School students will NOT wear the following

  1.        Anything sexually suggestive, such as see through clothing
  2.        Halters, backless dresses or tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, or any clothing which may be distracting, unless covered by an appropriate outer garment. Straps should be at least two inches wide on all shirts.
  3.        Shirts tied at the midriff, clothing improperly fastened, or anything with a bare midriff
  4.        Caps, hats, hose hats and sunglasses in school building
  5.        Chains or wallet chains
  6.         Unsafe footwear
  7.        Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs or other illegal activity
  8.        Clothing with profane or suggestive slogans or pictures
  9.        Apparel or symbols which are identified with gang involvement, participation or membership
  10.        Clothing or garments that are associated with violence or promote violence
  11.       Unsafe jewelry, including but not limited to, spiked wrist bands, spiked collars, spiked rings and razor necklaces

 Student Use of Electronic Devices


Students may possess and use cellular telephones, pagers or other electronic communications devices, subject to the limitations of this and other policies of the District. Electronic communications device is a device that emits an audible signal, vibrates, displays a message, or otherwise summons or delivers a communication to the possessor.  Use of an electronic communications device shall be limited to the period before classes begin in the morning, during the student’s lunch period, and after the student’s last class in the afternoon.  Such devices shall not be used during instructional time or in the passing time between classes unless during an emergency with permission. 


First offense: The device will be confiscated until the end of the school day


Second offense: The device will be confiscated until the student’s guardian comes to pick it up.


Third and final offense: The device will be confiscated and held at the school until the end of the school year.


Use of any other electronic devices (i.e. MP3, cameras) will be allowed in the classroom only when the teacher or principal deems it part of instruction and lesson plan. Students violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the building administrator.


Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs


It is the goal of the Board of Trustees to provide a drug free environment throughout the district for the purpose of protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the students attending the schools of the district.  As it relates to this goal and in recognition of the Board of Trustees’ responsibility to the students of the district, the use of tobacco, alcohol, or narcotic drugs is expressly prohibited. This prohibition includes anytime the students are at school, on school property, attending a school-sponsored activity at home or away or abroad a school owned vehicle.


Consequently, a student who has in his/her possession or who has been proven to use tobacco, alcohol, or narcotic drugs shall be subject to regulations as determined by the building principal.


Detention of Students


The principal or a teacher may detain a student for disciplinary reasons after school hours, provided the parent has been notified of the detention; and in the case of bus students, arrangements have been made for the student's transportation home. In cases where transportation is required, 24-hour notice will be given so that transportation may be arranged.


Weapons in School


(Possession or Use of Weapons)


The Big Horn County School District Four Board of Education has determined that the possession and/or use of a weapon by students are detrimental to the welfare and safety of students.


Section 1. Definitions

  1. Items in the following categories are defined as weapons:
  2.               Type 1: Firearms (as such term is defined in Section 921 of Title 18, United States Code).
  3.             Type 2: Articles other than firearms used or designed to inflict bodily harm and /or to intimidate other persons. Examples are knuckles, switch blade/butterfly knives, chains, clubs, stars, etc.
  •                 Type 3: Articles designed for other purposes but which are being used to inflict bodily harm and/or intimidate. Examples are belts, combs, pencils, pocketknives, files compasses, scissors, etc.


  1.              “Possession" means having a weapon actually in a student's personal possession, or in his/her desk, or locker.
  2.               "Use" means threatening or actually inflicting injury on another person with a weapon.
  3.             "Campus" means within the boundaries of real property used by the school district primarily for the education of any student in any grade from kindergarten through twelfth grade. This includes all athletic fields, playgrounds and parking lots located on property owned or leased by the school district.


Section 2.  Possession or Use of Weapons

  1.               Possession of a Type 1 or a Type 2 weapon on campus or within any school vehicle when school activities are in session is prohibited.
  2. Use of any type of weapon on campus or within a school vehicle is prohibited at all times.


Section 3.  Penalty

  1.            A student who brings a Type 1 weapon onto the school campus or onto any school vehicle or to any school activity shall be expelled from school for not less than one year except that the Superintendent of Schools may modify the expulsion requirement on a case‑by‑case basis.
  2.            A student in possession of a Type 1 weapon may receive a minimum of five days suspension, and may receive additional disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from school for one year.
  3.             A student in possession of a Type 2 weapon shall be subject to administrative disciplinary action, which may include suspension or expulsion of up to one year.
  4.          A student using any type of weapon shall be suspended immediately from school and referred to the Superintendent and the Board of Education for further disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from school.


Exception to this policy may be made for students participating in a Board of Education authorized curricular or extracurricular programs involving the use of firearms.


Discipline Code


A student who knowingly and seriously violates rules of student conduct may be subject to suspension or expulsion from school.


The following actions may subject a student to suspension, expulsion or other disciplinary action:

  1. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property, stealing or attempting to steal school or private property.
  2. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause physical injury to another person either student or teacher.
  3. Knowingly possessing or transmitting any firearms, knife, explosive, or other dangerous objects of no reasonable use to students at school.
  4. Knowingly possessing or using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs on school grounds or at school sponsored activities.
  5. Knowingly possessing, using, transmitting, or being under the influence of any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind.
  6. Knowingly using or copying the academic work of another and presenting it as his/her own without proper attribution.
  7. Repeatedly and intentionally defying the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, or administrators. This includes violation of rules of classroom conduct established by individual teachers.


  1. Any other behavior, which in the judgment of the Board is clearly detrimental to the welfare, safety, or morals of other students.

School Lockers


Lockers are the property of the school district and the school reserves the right to enter a locker at any time to inspect its contents. The occupant of the locker will pay for any damage to the locker.


Students will receive combination padlocks and locker assignments from the school secretary. DO NOT give your lock combination to other students. DO NOT leave money or valuables in your locker. Although the school will investigate reports of stolen property, it cannot be held responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen from your locker.


Replacement combination padlocks this year are $5.00. A $5.00 deposit is required at the time of registration. The deposit will be returned when the student returns the lock and checks out of school.


Personal locks will not be allowed on lockers.


Pre-Arranged Absences


Students who know they will be absent from school are expected to complete a pre‑arranged absence form. Students participating in school-sponsored activities, which necessitate an absence from school, are required to complete a pre‑arranged form before the absence.


In the case of cancellation of school-sponsored activities, which required a pre‑arranged form, students will be required to attend their regular classes. Absences will fall under the District Attendance Policy.


Pre‑arranged forms should not be turned into the office for a school activity. If you are pre‑arranging for a student activity such as volleyball or football games, Student Council meetings, or art shows; these forms should be turned into the coach or sponsor. Pre‑arranged forms for non­-school reasons such as funerals, doctor's appointments, or weddings should be returned to the office.


Co-Curricular Eligibility Code


All activities of Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School shall contribute to the moral, social and educational growth of the participants. Just as students vary from one to the next, so must activity programs provide variety in their opportunities.




To develop healthy bodies and strong minds in young men and women


To develop leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, dedication, character and values in the area involved which will carry into later life.


To give opportunities to mature and learn as a young person beyond his/her academic work whether it is from competition or simply from working cooperatively as a group.



  1. Athletics
  2. Physicals

Students participating in competitive athletics shall be required to have a physical on file in the Activities Director's office before their first practice.

  1. Insurance

Students participating in competitive athletics are required to present proof of insurance coverage or an insurance waiver and have this on file in the Activities Director's office before their first practice.

  1. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

During the competitive athletic season if an athlete is proven to have had in his/her possession alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, he/she will be disciplined according to School Board Policy.

  1.            Suspension and Attendance
  • Students must be in school the full day of the activity or the scheduled departure time for away activities. The only exceptions will be medical appointments, written notes from the medical or dental professional, or death or serious illness in the family.
  • In order to practice on any given day, the student must be in school for at least one half of the school day, with the exception of medical appointments (with written note), death in the family or serious illness.
  • Students who are serving in-school suspension may practice on the day(s) they are suspended from regular classroom participation. However, they may not compete. Students who are serving out-of-school suspension may not practice and/or compete on the day(s) suspended from regular classroom participation.
  1. Grades

To be eligible to participate in activities, the student must be passing in all classes.  A student failing a class on Friday will be ineligible to participate the following week Monday through Saturday.

  1. Representative of the School

Students are representatives of the school during all school-­related activities. They are expected to conduct themselves as to be a credit to their family, school, and community. For after‑school activities, students will be expected to dress appropriately in accordance with the nature of the activity. In addition, students participating in interscholastic activities or school sponsored public appearances may be required to meet more stringent dress and appearance regulations. The dress regulations will be at the discretion of the activity's coach or sponsor.

  1. Student Conduct

When students are at school or engaged in school‑sponsored activities, the District assumes responsibility for their conduct. Activity discipline is largely an advisor's responsibility. If the advisor is confronted with a difficult situation, she/he should take the student to the principal. The student has the right to express his/her side of the story in a closed‑door hearing.

  1. Extracurricular

In recognizing in the State of Wyoming that distances traveled by school to take part in extracurricular activities and field trip experiences can often find students away from home at meal times, it therefore shall be the policy of School District IV that the student will pay for the first meal and the district will pay for any additional meal eaten at a rate annually to be established by the Board of Education. This policy shall include all school-sponsored activities from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Coaches, sponsors, and teachers are encouraged to participate with the school district's lunch program to provide sack lunches for extra­curricular activities and field trips which may be prepared at a cost much less than other avenues and which will provide greater nutritional value.

  1. Guidelines from the policy book
  2. Offensive or vulgar speech will not be tolerated.
  3. The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are prohibited
  4. Vandalism, insubordination, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated


Rules Covering Individual Activities


Rules related to an individual sport or activity will be written by the sponsor and attached to the Activity Code Sheet. The "Individual Activity Rules" must be signed by the participant and his/her parent or guardian and filed in the Activities Director's office before participating in the first scheduled practice or activity.

Student Fees, Fines, and Charges


Fines for damage to school property shall be assessed at a reasonable rate, designed to restrain further damage.

All credits, report cards, and grades will be withheld, and transcripts will not be forwarded until proper settlement of fines, bills or assessments is rendered.|

Late Activity Bus


Activity buses will be provided to transport students at the completion of after school activities to Manderson, Hyattville and north and west of Basin. Students staying after school for extra work or detention may also ride these buses.


Gymnasium and Weight Room


The facilities at Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School are provided primarily for the use of high school students. In order to use the facilities, the students are required to:

  1. Have a teacher/sponsor supervising
  2. Be dressed in appropriate gym clothing (no black soled shoes).


Sexual Harassment Policy


No employee, male or female, shall:

  1. Make submission to or rejection of sexual harassment the basis of any employment decisions affecting any employee
  2. Make submission to or rejection of sexual harassment the basis of any decision affecting a student
  3. Create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment or learning environment by sexual harassment, and no student shall create an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment by sexual harassment


Any employee or student who believes that s/he has been subjected to sexual harassment by any school employee, or student should report the alleged act immediately to the principal of the school involved, or if a principal is involved, then to the superintendent, and if the superintendent is involved, then to the chairman of the Board of Trustees. If the employee or student that believes he/she has been sexually harassed is not comfortable with reporting the incident to the principal or superintendent, the report may be made to the guidance counselor at the high school, who thereafter will report the allegation to the superintendent. If requested, the person reporting the harassment shall provide a written statement with specific details regarding the actions and conduct, which the person making the report believes to be sexual harassment


Upon receipt of any report of what is believed to be sexual harassment, a confidential investigation will be undertaken immediately. The person who reports the alleged sexual harassment shall receive a report regarding the investigation within ten days from the time the report is first made.


Any employee of the School District, who is found after appropriate investigation to have engaged in sexual harassment of another employee or any student, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate discharge, and any student who is found to have engaged in sexual harassment of another student or School District employee, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from school.


Employment of Students


With the approval of the high school principal, a senior student may be gainfully employed during and up to one‑half of the school day provided:


  1. A written request for the employment is made by the student's parents or guardian.
  2. The student has a bona-fide job offer and a work permit if one is required.
  3. The student's work schedule covers a continuous block of time either in the morning or afternoon so the student will not be required to come to and from school more than once a day.
  4. The work schedule will not interfere with the student meeting graduation requirements and will not require the school to make any adjustments in its regular daily class schedule. The student shall not ask or expect the teacher to spend extra instructional time to accommodate the student's desire or need to have part‑time employment.


School Buses


Students who ride buses to and from school are under the school’s jurisdiction during the time they are on bus.  Riding a school bus is a privilege. Improper conduct on the buses will result in that privilege being denied.  Only regularly scheduled bus students are to ride the school buses.  Bus drivers are to be treated with the respect due to any member of the school staff. 


All students who ride school buses operated by or for the district are expected to abide by the following regulations on both activity trips and regular routes.


    • Be on time at the designated school bus stops.
    • Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
    • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter.
    • Be careful approaching bus stops.
    • Bus riders are not permitted to move toward the bus at the school loading zone until the buses have been brought to a complete stop.
    • Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times after entering and until leaving the bus.
    • Assist in keeping the bus safe and sanitary at all time.
    • Remember that loud talking and laughing or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.
    • Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your own home. Damage to seats etc. must be paid for by the offender.
    • Bus riders should never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
    • Keep books, packages, coats and all other objects out of aisles.
    • Help look after the safety and comfort of small children.
    • Leave no book, lunches, or other articles on the bus.
    • Do not throw anything out of the bus window.
    • Bus riders are expected to be courteous to fellow students, the bus driver, and any others with whom he/she comes in contact.
    • Bus riders are not permitted to leave their seats or stand while the bus is in motion.
    • Horse play is not permitted around or on the school bus.
    • Absolutely no profane language will be tolerated on the bus.
    • The driver will not discharge riders at places other than the regular bus stop, at the home or at the school unless by proper authorization from the administration.
    • Riders should cross the road, when necessary, after getting off the bus (at least 10 ft. in front of the bus) but only after looking to be sure that no traffic is approaching from either direction.
    • Be alert to the danger signal from the driver.


The bus driver is an important person in your school life and is in complete charge of the bus and its occupants. Students must comply with the requests of the driver for safety reasons.


Searches by School Officials & Drug Dogs


Unannounced searches will be conducted by school district administrators whenever there is reasonable cause to believe drugs are on campus. Using the guidelines of reasonable cause, if rumors exist indicating drugs are on campus, behaviors are observed that would indicate drugs are on campus, or if a staff member reports reasonable suspicion, building principals will contact local law enforcement authorities and make arrangement for a campus search by an officer and dog. School officials are responsible for the conduct of the search. At a minimum all academic lockers will be searched using standard search procedures. Athletic lockers may also be searched if deemed appropriate based on the information that created reasonable cause.


When the officer and dog arrive, teachers will be notified that a drug search will be conducted and all students will remain in their classes until the teacher is notified the search is completed. No exceptions will be made unless it is an emergency. If there is reasonable cause to believe a student or students may have drugs in a classroom, all students will be asked to leave the room under the supervision of the classroom teacher and report to the media center. Coats and book bags (or backpacks) will be left in the classroom. After students have left the classroom, the officer and dog will conduct a standard search. If the dog hits on items or bags, the student they belong to will be identified. An open locker search of the student identified will then follow. Prior to conducting the locker search the students will be brought back to their classroom and the media center will be searched. After the individual student's locker is searched, the student will be brought to the principal's office (whether the dog has identified a quantity of drugs or only a scent). Parents will be involved at this time. (Note: the reliability of the dog is very high and narcotic dog evidence is admissible in court.) While waiting for the parents, the building principal will interview the student(s) and ask them to empty pockets, book bags, coats, hats, etc. Another staff member will be present during the interview and search. Strip searches will NOT be conducted. Following the locker, pocket, book bag, and coat search, procedures as outlined in the action section will be followed.


Actions if Drug Dogs Identify Possible Drugs:


  1. Trace but no substance found. Parents are notified and asked to come to the school. Parents and police officers conduct the questioning of the student together.


Police will not be allowed to interview the student without the parents present. At this point it is not a school issue in that substances were not found but the parents will be asked if they would like a school official to be present while interviewing the student.


Although the student is not in possession of a narcotic the dog has identified them by scent. This could mean the student has recently used drugs, the student has been in a location where drugs were used, or the student has come in contact with drugs by some other accidental means. The police will talk to the student to determine if the student may have information that is important to the investigation of drug activity in the community. Disciplinary action will be taken as warranted.


  1. Substance found: Parents are notified and requested to come to the school, the substance is turned over to the police. Police will not be allowed to interview the student without the parents present. When the parents arrive, the school will determine if the parents would like an administrator or counselor present during the questioning of their student. There is no reason for an administrator to be present during the questioning if the parents are present and do not request their presence. Parents and police offer normally conduct the questioning together. At this point it is not a school issue other than dealing with suspension, drug/alcohol assessment, or possible recommendation to the school board for expulsion depending on severity and frequency of the substance abuse that has occurred. Immediate disciplinary action will result in the student being suspended ad the parents notified the student needs a drug and alcohol evaluation/assessment prior to returning to school.


Disciplinary Action:


See Board policies XXI.  Student Discipline, XXIV Student Suspension or Expulsion, Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School Student Handbook Policy, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse.

Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests


Books, lockers, desks, and all other storage facilities, equipment and/or other materials provided by the school remain school property even though utilized by students. The school retains the right to check, inspect or search these materials, facilities or property at any time to verify their condition, orderliness, cleanliness, and/or content. Merely because students may be issued a key or a lock for a locker or storage facility does not give the student any particular right‑of privacy in such locker or facility.


Interrogations of students by school personnel and searches of their property may occur on school grounds whenever school authorities determine that there is a reasonable basis for the interrogation or search.


When there is reason to believe that contraband, illegal and/or prohibited items are on a student’s person, the principal and/or an assistant or designee may authorize a search of the student's outer clothing, bag, purse, jacket, etc. for the purpose of removing such items.


For any search beyond the outer clothing, the principal and/or an assistant or designee must have one of the following reasons for such search:


  1. Received reliable information from an individ­ual that he/she had actually seen narcotics, contraband, illegal and/or prohibited items very recently in the possession of the student to be searched; or
  2. Have personally observed contraband, illegal and/or prohibited items in possession of the student; or
  3. Will possess information that the student admitted possession of the contraband, illegal and/or prohibited items on his/her person.


During any authorized search beyond the outer clothing of a student, the principal and/or an assistant or designee will be present along with two other adult employees of the school and all will be of the same sex as the student being searched, and such search will be conducted in an appropriate private area.


Search of a student's vehicle while located on school premises will be conducted only if there is a reasonable basis to believe that a breach of rules or a crime is being committed by the student.

Interrogations of Students by Outside Agencies


A student may not be interviewed during the school day or periods of extra‑curricular activities unless the principal or another delegated staff member is present.


If police officers or other officials request an interview for any issue other than child abuse, child neglect or some crime involving the parent, an attempt will be made to contact the student's parents or legal guardian and to have one of them present during the interview.


If the topic of the interview is child abuse and the investigator determines that the child should be interviewed independently of his/her parents and the school is the most appropriate setting for the interview, school officials will allow the investigation without contacting the parents. It will be the responsibility of the investigator in abuse cases to determine who will be present during the interview. The school may insist upon having a representative from the school present


No student may be taken from school without the consent of the building principal and, generally if this is being done by law enforcement authorities for purposes of a criminal conviction, a warrant will be required, although it will not be essential if the principal determines it to be in the best interests of the school and the child. Generally, the principal should request that the officer make the arrest at another time and not on school grounds. Regardless of whether the officer has a legal process document in his possession when the student is taken into custody, the principal should make every effort to inform the student's parents before the arrest is made or as soon thereafter if the student's parents were unavailable at the time of the arrest. Similarly, in all cases where police officers desire to conduct searches of students or student property, the school may request that such searches be conducted in a lawful manner with a proper warrant.



Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying


Harassment, intimidation or bullying means any intentional gesture or any intentional written, verbal or physical act that a reasonable person under the circumstances should know will have the effect of:


  1. Harming a student physically or emotionally, damaging a student’s property or placing a student in re4asonable fear of personal harm or property damage.


  1. Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students causing substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of school OR


  1. Is so sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that is creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or group of students.

Written acts include, but are not limited to: handwritten or typed communications, e-mails, text messages, blogs and other forms of electronic communications.


School as used in this policy includes a classroom or other location on school premises, a school bus or other school related vehicle, a school bus stop, an activity or event sponsored by a school, whether or not it is held on school premises, and any other program or function where the school is responsible for the child. 


Students shall conduct themselves according to the rules and policies of the school district, and shall conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward staff and other students. 


Students who engage in bullying, harassment or intimidation shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion. 


Students who witness harassment, intimidation or bullying of another student shall report that conduct to a teacher, principal or other school staff member as soon as possible.  The staff member who receives the complaint shall request that the student make a written report describing the conduct they witnessed, including but not limited to the date, time and location of the incident, and the names of the students involved, to the extent possible.  If the complaining student chooses not to file a written report, the staff member shall ask the student to verbally describe the incident, including the information described above.  The staff member shall then forward that information, including the written report, if any, to the building principal, who shall immediately investigate the complaint, or designate another staff member to investigate the complaint.


Students may anonymously report any harassment, intimidation or bullying.  Anyone making or receiving an anonymous report shall provide or collect as much information as possible, including but not limited to a description of the conduct, the date, time and location of the incident and the names of the individuals involved.  Disciplinary action shall not be taken against a student based solely on the basis of an anonymous report.  Once a staff member receives a report of harassment, intimidation or bullying, the report shall be immediately given to the building principal, who shall initiate an investigation or designate another staff member to investigate the complaint. 


During the investigation, the principal or his/her designee shall interview witnesses, including, but not limited to the alleged victim and the student(s) alleged to have engaged in the harassment, intimidation or bullying.  The person conducting the investigation shall prepare a written report of the findings and conclusions of the investigation.  If the person who conducts the investigation determines that a student or students engaged in harassment, bullying or intimidation, the building principal shall take appropriate disciplinary action toward the student or students.


Retaliation or reprisal against a student or other individual who makes a good faith report or complaint of harassment, intimidation or bullying is prohibited and shall not be tolerated.  Anyone who engages in such retaliation or reprisal against an individual who makes a report of harassment, intimidation or bullying shall be subject to discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion. 

When a student reports that he or she has been harassed, bullied or intimidated in violation of this policy, the principal shall schedule a meeting with the student, students parent(s), the student’s teacher(s), and other appropriate staff members as determined by the principal, to discuss steps or strategies to protect that student from additional harassment, intimidation or bullying and from retaliation. 


Any student who is found to have made a deliberate or intentional false accusation, report or complaint is subject to discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion. 


At the start of each school year, every teacher shall be required to review the district’s harassment, intimidation and bullying policy with the students in his/her class and discuss that policy with them.  The school shall provide copies of the anti-bullying policy to parents in a manner and method to be determined by each principal, which may include distribution of the student handbook to parents.


The school district shall incorporate training and education on this policy in its professional development programs and the policy shall be provided to volunteers and other noncertified employees of the district who have significant contact with students.