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2018/2019 Board Meeting Minutes » December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018



Riverside High School Basin, WY

December 11, 2018



1.0        Opening of Meeting

            1.1        The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairwoman Audra Crouse.  She then led all

in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2        Roll Call:  Board members present were:  Audra Crouse, Greg Gloy, Kristen Schlattmann, Brenton Paxton, Heath Hopkin, Chris Kampbell and Linda Osmond.  Also present were Superintendent Dave Kerby; Board Recording Secretary Janelle Craft; Business Manager Trevor Whitaker, Principals Tony Anson, Riverside Middle/High School and Tracy Pare, Laura Irwin Elementary.


2.0        Recognition of Guests:  N/A


3.0        Patron Audience:  Doug Zierolf, talked to the board regarding the need for hiring another route driver.


4.0        Staff/Student Presentation: 

4.1        Student Council

4.2        Safety Report – Greg Noel

4.3        Building Report – Tom Farrens

4.4        Business Manager Report – Trevor Whitaker

4.5        Superintendent’s Report – Dave Kerby

4.6        Special Education Director – Lee Clucas

4.7        Principal’s Report

            4.7.1     Tony Anson, RMHS

            4.7.2     Tracy Pare, LIE

4.8        Committee Report

            4.8.1     BOCES

            4.8.2     Basin Recreation

            4.8.3     Strategic Planning


5.0        Modification and Adoption of Agenda:  Chairwoman Audra Crouse asked that the following be added to the agenda, 7.6.1 Select Strategic Planning Committee Members, 7.14 Approve non-resident student application, 7.15 Exceed expectations shirts and banner.  Heath Hopkin moved to approve the modification and adoption of the agenda as presented.  Greg Gloy seconded, motion passed.


6.0        Consent Agenda:  Greg Gloy moved the Board approve the minutes of November 13, 2018 regular meeting, and executive session minutes of November 13, 2018; the November 20, 2018 payroll; and the expenditures of December 11, 2018.  Kristen Schlattmann seconded, motion passed.


7.0        Items for Consideration and Action:  Superintendent Dave Kerby took over the meeting.

7.1        Board of Education Reorganization- 

7.1.1     Chairman: 

7.1.2     Vice Chairman: 

7.1.3     Clerk: 

7.1.4     Treasurer: 

            Greg Gloy moved to elect Heath Hopkin as Chairman, Audra Crouse as Vice Chairman, Kristen Schlattmann as Clerk and Chris Kampbell as Treasurer.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.  Heath Hopkin took over the meeting as the new Board Chairman.          

7.2        Approve yearly selections/professionals/bonds/signatories, etc. as listed below:

                        7.2.1     Selection of Depositories:  Recommendation to Approve Security State Bank as

Depository for District funds for 2019.  Greg Gloy moved to accept Security State Bank as the Depository for the district funds for 2019.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.  Audra Crouse abstained from the vote.

                        7.2.2     Selection of Official News Media:  Recommendation to approve the Basin

Republican Rustler as the official news media for 2019

                        7.2.3     Appointment of School Attorney:  Recommendation to appoint Copenhaver/Kolpitcke

as the district attorney for 2019. 

                        7.2.4     Appointment of School Auditor:  Recommendation to approve James Seckman

as the district auditor for 2019. 

                        7.2.5     Re-affirm Provision of Fidelity Bonds:  Recommendation to approve bonding of

Board Treasurer and Superintendent. 

                        7.2.6     Facsimile Authorization:  Recommendation to approve facsimile authorization of the

Board Chair and Treasurer. 

                        7.2.7     Key Authorization of Check Protector-Recommend approving Superintendent and Business                                                 Manager as key authorization of check protector. 

                        7.2.8     Authorize Signature of Federal and State Contracts and Applications: 

Recommendation to approve the Superintendent and Financial Officer to sign Federal and State contracts and applications. 

Audra Crouse moved to accept all the recommendations for 7.2.1-7.2.8 as presented.  Chirs Kampbell seconded, motion passed.

7.3        Select Meet & Confer Representatives:  Linda Osmond and Audra Crouse with Heath Hopkin serving as the alternate.

7.4        Select Recreation Board Members:  Linda Osmond, Brenton Paxton and Audra Crouse.

7.5        Select BOCES Representatives:  Greg Gloy

7.6        Select Executive Building Committee:  Audra, Chris and Heath

7.6.1     Strategic Planning Committee:  Kristen Schlattmann and Greg Gloy.  Heath Hopkin will serve as the                                     alternate.

7.7        Appointment of Federal and State Project Directors: 

                        Title 1:  Cynthia Triplett

                        Title VI-B Flow through:  Lee Clucas

                        Title VI-B 619:  Lee Clucas

                        Perkins: Tony Anson

                        Title ID: Anna Rosencranse

                        Title II A:  Dave Kerby

                        Audra Crouse moved to approve 7.3 -7.7 as listed.  Greg Gloy seconded, motion passed.

7.8        Set Board meeting dates for 2019 school year:  Chris Kampbell moved to accept the 2019 board meeting calendar as presented.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.

7.9        Appoint Trevor Whitaker as School Risk Retention Program Representative for the District:  Greg Gloy moved to approve Trevor Whitaker as the SRRP representative for BGH#4.  Chris Kampbell seconded, motion passed.

            7.10      Executive Session:  No executive needed.

            7.11      2nd Reading of new Board Policy 9.12 Public Conduct on School Property:  Audra Crouse moved to             approve the 2nd reading of Board Policy 9.12 Public Conduct on School Property.  Brenton Paxton             seconded, motion passed.

            7.12      1st Reading of new Board Policy 10.21 Prohibited Assistance to Sex Offender:  Greg Gloy moved to             approve the 1st Reading of new Board Policy 10.21 Prohibited Assistance to Sex Offender.  Audra Crouse seconded, motion passed.

            7.13      Approve hiring Bus Driver Ted Zier for 20 hours a week:  Kristen Schlattmann moved to approve the hiring    of Bus Driver Ted Zier for 20 hours a week.  Audra Crouse seconded, motion passed.

            7.14      Approve non-resident student application:  Kristen Schlattmann moved to approve the non-resident             student application as presented.  Audra Crouse seconded, motion passed.

            7.15      Exceeding Expectations t-shirts and banner:  Audra Crouse moved to purchase shirts for all district             students, employees and school board members.  Linda Osmond seconded, motion failed 3 to 4.  Chris             Kampbell moved to get shirts for all high school students and staff.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion             passed.  Audra Crouse moved to get a banner for the RMHS gym.  Brenton Paxton seconded, motion             passed.


8.0        Board Discussion Items:  N/A

            8.1        2019 Winter Board Development Workshops 

            8.2        Strategic Planning


9.0        Adjournment:  There being no further business Audra Crouse moved to end the regular board meeting at 8:52 p.m. Brenton Paxton seconded, motion passed.




                                                                        Kristen Schlattman, Board Clerk



                                                                        Heath Hopkin, Board Chairman