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Special Education

Welcome to Big Horn County School District #4, Office of Special Education Programs. Our mission is to facilitate an appropriate education for all students by providing Special Education, Title I, Title III, and related services to meet each child’s specific needs. Every school building has a team of highly qualified educators and related service providers dedicated to improving outcomes for students.

Katie Seeley Director of Special Services


Hello Families,

I am very excited to be returning this year as the Special Services Director for Big Horn County School District #4! One of the many reasons that I am excited to be here is the opportunity to partner with you and serve your students.

The Special Education department is committed to supporting parents and working together to achieve strong outcomes for students. Our mission is to ensure that all students with disabilities are included with their peers to the highest extent possible. Inclusive settings aim to provide equal opportunities and support for students with disabilities and are crucial for fostering a diverse and accepting learning environment. Every student is unique, and their individual needs and strengths are considered when developing and implementing inclusive education strategies. By fostering an inclusive learning environment, our goal is to empower students with disabilities to achieve their full potential and become active, engaged members of society.

We continuously strive to support students and their families by strengthening our practices and processes. Part of my work as Special Services Director is to ensure that teachers and staff receive ongoing training and professional development in special education techniques, assistive technologies, and inclusive teaching practices. I truly believe that great schools are a result of great teachers, staff, parents, and community members. It is my goal to help grow our cooperative community through collective efficacy, communication, professional development, and collaboration with all stakeholders to continue to build and foster the best learning environment possible for each student.

I want to welcome Susan Brown as our new Riverside Middle School Special Education teacher. The staff at Laura Irwin Elementary are excited to welcome Candace Capelle as our upper elementary Special Education teacher.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or phone if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration to guide an engaging, joyful, and successful school year for your children.


Katie Seeley

Director of Special Services